Consistent Branding Builds Trust…and Your Business.

You have been contemplating purchasing an item online. The company’s website was easy to navigate, the design was clean and the live chat agent you contacted was incredibly helpful. You immediately sign up to receive their email newsletter!

A few days later, an email newsletter advertising a sale on the very item you want to buy appears in your In Box. After opening the email, you decide to purchase the item from another company.

inconsistent brandingWhy did this happen?

Unfortunately, the email blast was poorly designed. There were numerous misspelled words and jargon run amok. Fonts were inconsistent, and the colors chosen were bright and unappealing.

Customer confidence dropped…just like that.

Could this company be yours? How many sales could you be losing due to poor design, inconsistent branding and messaging?

Here are some things you can do to ensure you are putting forth consistent branding and messaging:

  • Examine your marketing collateral, website, email newsletters and other communications pieces. Do they need revamping? Is the design “stale”? Clean, crisp design and clear messaging illustrate professionalism.
  • No matter what size your organization, set standards for email signatures (font, colors, etc.) For example, the standard might be as follows: “First name, Last name, Title, company logo, address, phone number, email address and website.”
  • For Twitter, Facebook business page, Google Plus, Linked In company page, etc., your header/banner, company description, etc. should be consistent.
  • Your letterhead, business cards, envelopes, invoices, contracts and other communications pieces should complement each other in terms of design and information presented.
  • In terms of social media, ensure posts, tweets, etc. are always professional. Do not use “abbreviations” such as LOL, etc.
  • Monitor your social media channels for spammers, inappropriate content posted by others, etc. Check your privacy settings.
  • Use spell check.

Just as clear communication is critical to the success of a business, the same is true for consistent branding and messaging. Remember, brand messaging and consistency build trust.

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