Is Your Logo Turning Potential Customers Away?

Is your logo turning potential clients away without you even realizing it? A logo is usually the first thing a person sees, whether on a business card, website or advertisement. It represents a company’s brand and the image it wants to project.

What emotions does your logo evoke? Credit: The Logo Company

Did you know that certain shapes convey certain messages about your company? For instance:

  • Triangular logos have traditionally been associated with law, religion and science.
  • Circular, elliptical and oval-shaped logos communicate a sense of inclusiveness, unity and friendship.
  • Squares imply efficiency, determination and professionalism.
  • A logo with curves suggests femininity.
  • Vertical lines suggest strength and aggression, while horizontal lines evoke calm and tranquility.

In terms of color choices:

  • Red suggests aggression, danger and passion; however, if using muted shades, it can imply warmth and stimulate appetite (you may notice many restaurants use this color in their logo for this reason).
  • Yellow conveys friendliness and warmth. On the flip side, it is also the color of cowardice.
  • Choose green to show natural and environmentally-friendly products.
  • Blue is used to show professionalism, success, authority and sincerity. The same is true for grey.
  • Orange is often chosen by upcoming and youthful companies to show a sense of fun and affordability.
  • Designing a logo using brown suggests the outdoors and masculinity.
  • Pink shows a company wants to portray a flirty, feminine image.

There is much more to developing an effective logo than simply choosing the right colors and shapes such as marketing strategy, target markets, etc. Let this be your jumping off point. Source: Martin Christie, “Psychology of Logo Design,”  September 24, 2013

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