Proposal Audits

Want to improve your shortlist record? Have you been wondering what you’re doing right (or wrong) in your submission, and want an expert to take a good, hard objective look at your deliverables?

proposal audit report
Proposal Audit Report

Blaes Communications Consulting, LLC provides proposal audit services. With over 25 years of proposal management, writing and coordination experience for A/E/C and other professional services firms, we know what clients are looking for in a submission, what can get you “thrown out” before your proposal reaches the evaluation committee and make recommendations to improve your chances of getting to the shortlist…and to the negotiating table.

We will review your submitted proposal or proposals, from cover-to-cover, page-by-page, and present our findings to you in the form of a report.

Audit criteria include, but is not limited to:

  • Responsiveness to the RFP/Evaluation Criteria
  • Grammar
  • Clarity of Responses
  • Flow/Layout of the Proposal
  • Recommendations for Improvements/What Not to Change
  • Final Recommendations Going Forward.

Give us a call at 804.306.7482 or feel free to send us an email for more information on how we can help you “prepare to take off!