RFP Writing, Coordination and Management

Need help managing and coordinating proposals? No problem!

Need help putting together Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Statements of Qualifications (SOQs), Letters of Interest or Bid Packages in a snap? Don’t want to miss out on another RFP?

Blaes Communications Consulting, LLC  offers over 25 years of specialized experience in proposal writing, management and coordination services for architects, engineers and construction companies as well as other professional services firms. Expertise includes managing and coordinating winning RFP submissions for state, federal and local government agencies as well as for private sector clients  for projects totaling more than $114 million in value.

In addition to proposal writing, management and coordination, Blaes Communications Consulting, LLC offers business development and lead tracking services so you do not miss out on opportunities to bid on projects that fit your area or areas of expertise.

If you need help arranging proposal teams, Blaes Communications Consulting, LLC  can help. Having worked with architects, engineers and developers in Washington, DC/Northern Virginia; the Hampton Roads/Tidewater region; Richmond, VA metropolitan and southwest Virginia areas, Valarie Blaes has a vast network of contacts and can assist in putting together winning teams.

Valarie Blaes has also been a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals for over 20 years.

Most importantly, we know how to get your firm to the shortlist and WIN the job!

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