To Pursue an RFP or Not to Pursue? That is Truly the Question…

An RFP lands in your in box, and it looks like the perfect match for your company! You can hardly control your excitement, and immediately reach out to  your partners to discuss this amazing opportunity, how your firm can do the work better than any other firm around, etc.

Ready to “go” for an RFP? Before “hitting the gas,” it’s better to slow down and go through a thorough go/no-go process.


One of the most important decisions owners of architecture, engineering, construction or other professional services firms will make is deciding whether or not to pursue a project (also known as the go/no-go process) by putting in a response for a request for proposal.

There are many factors to consider including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Were you aware of the RFP before it “hit the street”? If it landed in your In Box, you’ve answered the question.
  • Have you done any work for this client?
  • Have you done similar work that may be shown as relevant experience?
  • Does the client know you? Have you had any prior communication with them?
  • Who is your competition? Think not only locally, but regionally, nationally and possibly internationally depending on the RFP.
  • Does the client already have an incumbent?
  • Can you answer all of the questions in the RFP, including how well you would score in all of the evaluation criteria?
  • Can you fulfill all of the requirements of the RFP? If not, are you able to put together a team?

There are many other factors to consider, but before making the decision to put together an RFP response, be sure to fully explore, understand and honestly evaluate the RFP as well as your chances in obtaining a successful outcome.