What My Great Pyrenees Sadie Can Teach You About Marketing and Growing Your Business

My husband Matt and I had been thinking of rescuing a dog for a long time. We went back and forth about the size of the dog, breed (Golden Retriever? Terrier Mix? Maybe a Samoyed or Great Pyrenees?), where we would rescue our future pet companion, etc.

After months of searching, we decided to put in an application to a rescue group which helps save Great Pyrenees puppies and adult dogs. After anxiously waiting for an answer as to whether we would be approved as “proper pet parents,” we were relieved when our application was accepted, and we were invited to visit the dogs.

There were probably 20 dogs in rescue. Great Pyrenees are large, barking dogs and can be very intimidating when first approached. After visiting several of the dogs, one stood out. In fact, she “picked” us.

Sadie, my occasional traveling companion.
Sadie, my occasional traveling companion.

Her name was Sadie.

The rescue coordinator asked us if we wanted to see any other dogs. My husband asked me what I thought. “No. She’s ours.”

We brought her home the next day, and she has been an amazing addition to our family.

What does this story have to do with marketing and growing one’s business?

Great Pyrenees dogs are a unique breed. They are known to be:

  • Loyal
  • Attentive
  • Fearless
  • Tend to be steady and serious rather than silly and playful
  • Independent-Minded/Strong-Willed
  • Stubborn

Some of these traits can serve a business owner well. An entrepreneur must be fearless; he or she is steering his or her own future and must put him or herself “out there” in order to stay afloat. Whether this means going to networking events, giving presentations to a group of people you’ve never met but are in your target market…be fearless, and just do it!

Attentiveness is incredibly important in business. Be attentive to clients and potential clients. Your steadiness, attention to detail and dedication to excellence will be rewarded time and again.

When working with others, being strong-willed and too independent-minded can backfire. Also, being stubborn won’t win you any points in building relationships. One must not only talk, but listen. Compromise, communicate and always try to come to a win-win resolution.

Just remember: no barking is allowed.