What’s On-Trend for Online Marketing in 2016?

2016 trendsWhat’s in store for online marketing trends this year? Here are a few items to watch for on the marketing “runway”:

More websites will be designed to be “responsive.”  In April 2015, Google implemented what some dubbed “Mobilegeddon,” in which websites which were not “mobile-friendly” or “responsive” were automatically ranked lower on search engines than those that were not.  Not having a responsive website impedes search visibility, causes lower search engine rankings than responsive websites and often causes potential clients to leave websites quickly due to frustration (since they can’t view websites on their mobile devices).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will continue to shift to content marketing. Search engine algorithms have been more sophisticated and are able to filter genuine, crafted content from that which has been “gaming the system” in order to obtain higher rankings.

Video is set to become a bigger content platform.

Video will become more important as a communication platform. Video is becoming more popular as a way to engage end users (such as using You Tube, etc.). While blogging will remain a critical component of online marketing, videos engage users quicker and at a higher rate. Some studies have shown that visitors will stay on a website for two minutes longer if it has video on it than one that does not.

Design and Speed Matter. Visually attractive, fast-loading websites that provide useful content win the day. Slow-loading, inefficient websites with information that does not engage potential clients will go by the wayside.


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